What will Nordstrom need to do to be successful with its full-line men’s store in Manhattan? How likely is the store to be successful?

Interactive Edge’s CEO, Zel Bianco comments:
I walked by yesterday and it did not look like it was open yet but I thought it looked pretty impressive. It’s in an area that will attract both New Yorkers and tourists which they will need to make it a success. As we discussed the other day, in the discussion on whether men shop differently than women — having a store where men can purchase absolutely everything they need from suits to shirts to ties and shoes will be important to New Yorkers.

The ability to shop at any hour of the day and pick up at any hour of the day could be a real win for the the city that never sleeps. Although this may seem silly to many, trust me, it is a perk that many guys in this town will indeed take advantage of. My biggest concern for the success of this store will be cost. They are going to have to cater to those that may want to buy one or two items at an increased cost over other retailers, but can’t afford to buy a suit there. Will Nordstrom be able to do this and still make enough profit to pay the exorbitant rent and offer all the perks like 16 tailors and 24/7 pick up service?

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Can Nordstrom’s full-line men’s store make it in Manhattan?

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