The Data Analyst’s role has evolved. As a Data Analyst, you are now likely to be the change agent within your organization for data analysis. Data management and analytics have become crucial elements to your company’s success. The sure and quickest path to actionable insights means defining and implementing best practices so they can be shared throughout the company.

Using business intelligence tools that are completely integrated into Microsoft® Office, our data and analytics solution automates best practices to enable more time to focus on those opportunities that directly contribute to top-line sales and bottom-line results. The best analysts in any company are those that can create and institute these best practices.



XP3 for Data Analysis enables the data analyst to:

  • Reduce the time it takes to develop data-driven category management initiatives, business reviews and other analytical presentations and reports by more than 80%.
  • Provide deeper, timelier analyses by proactively identifying problem stores, modules, product lines, customers and more.
  • Integrate volumetric data (i.e. POS/IRI/Nielsen Scanner) with consumer, shopper or NPD data to understand the why and predict the when.
  • Improve planogram analysis and shelf recommendations by integrating data output from space management applications such JDA space management tools, IRi Apollo, and Nielsen Spaceman with retailer POS/Scan to analyze merchandising strategies and shelving impact on category and brand performance.
  • Build custom market databases to better understand share, market trends and sell-through or to create a gap analysis.
  • Manage the business from the same perspective as your retail customer by creating custom hierarchies and segmentation. Analyze key selling seasons such as Back-to-school, Christmas and Summer.
  • Automate pre- and post-event analysis. Integrate POS data with brand spending to better understand ROI and impact on sales and total category performance.
  • Leverage best-in-class presentations and analyses along with intelligent generated insights to improve business building initiatives at all levels of the organization


Our solutions are designed to streamline the process of taking insights presentations and selling stories that Category Managers and Shopper Insights professionals work tirelessly to generate, and commercializing across the
organization in a seamless, business user friendly manner

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