Category managers need to deliver quality insights to their retail partners in the fastest time possible in order to identify, develop and evaluate category management strategies. Technology is required to combine and analyze the growing number of disparate data sources and create presentations needed for the customer-facing field organization.

XP3 provides category managers the time to focus on those opportunities that directly contribute to top-line sales and bottom-line results instead of wrangling their data.




The XP3 category management software solution is tailored to the consumer packaged goods industry and provides automation of the category management reporting process including the combination of disparate data sources and dynamic PowerPoint® presentations and Excel® reports that can be updated with one-click.




XP3 is used by some of the most progressive and influential category management teams in the consumer goods industry to create insights and action-oriented strategies that increase sales and profits, faster and easier than ever before.

The flexibility and ease-of-use of XP3 gives category management teams the ability to do more with less effort.




XP3 allows for the creation, distribution as well as the adoption of analytics and strategic planning. It also provides:

  • Integrated data for robust analysis
  • Intelligent text
  • One-click refresh
  • Automation of redundant tasks
  • Multiple presentation and report generation.




XP3 enables Category Managers to:

  • Easily integrate data sources such as Point-of-Sale, IRI, Nielsen Scanner with Consumer Panel, Shopper Marketing, Loyalty, NPD and SPINS data to get the whole picture.
  • Reduce the time it takes to develop data-driven category management initiatives, business reviews and other PowerPoint presentations and Excel reports by more than 75%.
  • Provide unique insights in data-driven PowerPoint presentations and Excel reports for the specific retailer or distributor that you are targeting.
  • Generate dynamic PowerPoint presentations and Excel reports so the sales teams, executives and other team members can customize on-the-fly.
  • Integrate data output from space management applications such as JDA, Apollo and Spaceman with retailer Point-of-Sale and Syndicated Scan data to analyze
    merchandising strategies and shelving impact on category and brand performance.
  • Manage the business from the same perspective as your retail customer by creating custom hierarchies and segmentation. Analyze key selling seasons such as Back-to-school, Christmas and Summer.
  • Automate pre- and post-event analysis. Integrate Point-of-Sale data with brand spending to better understand ROI and impact on sales and total category performance.
  • Leverage Best-in-Class presentations and analyses along with intelligent generated insights to improve business building initiatives at all levels of the organization.


Our solutions are designed to streamline the process of taking insights presentations and selling stories that Category Managers and Shopper Insights professionals work tirelessly to generate, and commercializing across the
organization in a seamless, business user friendly manner


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