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XP3 BI Cloud Overview
Story Builder and Multi-DB Connectivity

Access your category management situational selling presentations from anywhere at anytime


With XP3® BI Cloud™ best in class category management presentations, you can have retailer specific data, ready to download or present via the web in seconds. 

Rest assured that your data is secure, backed by Azure-based security in the cloud. Design your output to tell your story using PowerPoint and Excel. Iterate quickly through your designs using your data, on demand. The XP3 BI Cloud category management software can help you tap into data hosted on premise, in your own data center, or in our Azure cloud. 

Our easy-to-use interface allows power users to define “Quick Picks” which allow CPG sales managers to select any combination of geographies and time periods to drive defined reports, providing smart, intuitive access to your data in a way that fits your daily workflow.

Specific business challenges XP3® BI Cloud™ addresses

  • Team stretched too thin, can’t fulfill every request
  • Too much time pulling and prepping data
  • Too many platforms for pulling data
  • Not enough time for deep analysis and insights generation
  • I don’t have up-to-date sales and shopper data for all my accounts
  • Too much time pulling together sales decks for my customers
  • I could sell more if I had “better data”
  • Hard to find the latest analytic content and shopper research
  • We aren’t executing against core initiatives fast enough
  • Missing key retailer selling windows
  • Sales and marketing / insights not operating in stride
  • Need to maximize productivity with existing staff

XP3® BI Cloud™ delivers benefits to multiple stakeholders

  • Non-value added time eliminated
  • More time available for analyzing results, generating insights, and digging deeper into specific opportunities
  • More retail customers can be covered with same staff
  • Business reviews and other selling decks delivered ahead of schedule
  • Consistent format delivered across all customers
  • Better baseline of business analytics
  • Strategic direction on key sales initiatives received earlier and more frequently
  • More actionable business initiatives
  • More retail buyers receiving analytic and insight support
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