At Interactive Edge our goal is to grow your business. Our white papers explore issues concerning data analysis and presentation solutions for the Consumer Goods and other industries – we focus on topics that yield measurable bottom-line improvements. Our white papers demonstrate the benefits of integrating software, adopting streamlined business models and implementing an operational excellence strategy. 

Why automated data utilization is a key component to unlocking business growth and employee satisfaction

The industry is changing with many macro factors (i.e., inflation, supply chain, the workplace) causing extra work, and you never have enough time to get to all the things on your list that will impact your company and your partners.  You have been creating content for your internal and external customers the same way forever, even with all the change around you.  Your team spends more time preparing and delivering content than you are probably even aware of. 
CMA Conference Presentation

Minimize Tactical Reporting tasks and allow for Greater Strategic Analysis – even with a small team!

2020 Category Management Association Conference breakout session presented by Zel Bianco and Burt Boudreaux
Maintaining Credibility with Retail Customers

Maintaining Credibility and Relevance with Retail Customers

Today’s retail customer is more empowered than any generation before, and continues to gain more purchasing power. Shoppers have instant product research at their hands in smartphones…
Dont Stress Over Big Data

Don’t Stress Over Big Data: Master What You’ve Got

Don’t get lost in the sea of big data! With new data constantly coming in from different streams and sources, it’s hard to track what’s useful and what isn’t. Big data is a brand marketer’s friend…
category management mastery whitepaper

Category Management Mastery and the Key to Growth

Category management is nothing new to retailers, but its a place in effective strategy is certainly more important than ever, thanks to the advances of big data and shopper empowerment…
getting the most out of your data whitepaper

Getting the Most Out of your Data

Data is great, unless it’s coming in by the barrel and stored away under lock and key never to be seen again. Retailers need to ensure their most talented stakeholders can access and use this…
how to increase sales force effectiveness whitepaper

How to Increase Sales Force Efficiency and Effectiveness

The eternal question for retailers and manufacturers alike is how to lessen costs, while raising revenue and profits. What’s changed recently is the availability of tools helping businesses in this…