Category management and shopper teams need to control the narrative that sets you apart when delivering category reviews, line reviews and joint business plans.

Your category management and shopper insights teams need to deliver quality insights, analytics and actionable recommendations to their retail partners in the fastest time possible in order to identify, develop and evaluate category management and shopper strategies and initiatives.

Modern category management and shopper teams require  a technology solution  to combine and analyze the growing number of disparate data sources including syndicated, POS, Panel, Survey, shipment, shopper and others from Nielsen, Circana, Walmart Luminate, SPINs and other data providers to create a higher level of insights that grow the brand and category .

The formats that are most widely used by category management and sales to communicate category metrics are PowerPoint presentations and Excel reports needed for the customer-facing field sales organization.

Key Benefits for Category Managers
Save Time

Reduce the time it takes to develop data-driven category management initiatives, business reviews and other analytical presentations and reports by more than 80%

Easy Integration

Easily integrate data sources from Circana, Nielsen, Panel, Numerator, 1010data, Loyalty, NPD and SPINS data to get the whole picture

Unique Insights

Provide unique category and shopper insights in data-driven PowerPoint presentations and Excel reports for the specific retailer or distributor that you are targeting. 

Best-in-Class Presentations

Leverage category management presentations and analyses along with intelligent generated insights to improve business building initiatives at all levels of the organization

Key Features for Category Managers
  • Update with the latest relevant data – Data is centralized, no more individual pulling of data
  • Call out the most impactful insights – With Intelligent Text, information is updated based on the user’s selections
  • Use your PowerPoint and Excel skill sets to easily fine-tune the presentation – Anyone with Microsoft Office installed can make changes
  • Actionable recommendations – deliver customized insights to your retail customers
  • Upload dynamic PowerPoint presentations and Excel reports to XP3 BI Cloud so the sales teams, executives and other team members can customize on-the-fly.
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With XP3 Quick Picks, you can easily toggle your Category Management PowerPoint presentation to a specific account or market. Anyone with access to XP3 BI Cloud can view the latest, custom category management content. All your Nielsen and IRI syndicated data along with Nielsen and IRI Panel and other data sources are aligned and easy for your end-users to select one dialog box. These include category management business reviews, category management line reviews, Top to Top, New Item Launches and many more.

With the XP3 category management software solution, a user can drill down to the retailer level quickly to create the view that is specific to your buyer’s needs. This can be customized to the retailer level quickly to create the view that is specific to your buyer’s needs by category, brand, size, and more.

Nielsen and IRI syndicated data aligned with Retail Link/84.51 should be presented in conjunction with Shopper Insights from Nielsen and IRI Panel, Numerator and other data sources, not separately. Utilize XP3 Data Tools to blend those data sets together for richer category management insights and more strategic and actionable recommendations that grow the category for your brands as well as the retailer. Effectively integrating Shopper and Consumer Insights into sales initiatives is a challenge many organizations struggle with. XP3’s ability to combine disparate Nielsen and IRI syndicated, Retail Link, 84.51 and other retailer POS data sources allows for higher level category management insights to be generated and presented on a recurring basis, giving you greater credibility and positioning as a trusted category management advisor with your Retail category managers and buyers as well as internal stakeholders. 

The XP3 category management software solution is tailored to the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry and provides automation of the category management reporting process utilizing the combination of disparate Nielsen, IRI, Panel and other data sources such as Numerator, Retail Link, 84.51, SPINS and NPD data sources to create dynamic PowerPoint® presentations and Excel® reports that can be easily updated by field sales with a couple of clicks.

The XP3 category management software suite is used by some of the most progressive and influential category management teams in the consumer goods industry to create insights and action-oriented strategies that increase sales and profits, faster and easier than ever before.

The flexibility and ease-of-use of the XP3 category management software suite gives category management teams the ability to do more category management analysis with less effort and in a fraction of the time.