A familiar environment

Using software fully integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel, you can turn your data into insights and actionable recommendations right within the applications where you spend most of your time.

Your team will have the power to create best-practice, turn-key presentations and reports customized for specific customers as a result of having the right combination of:
  • Data access
  • Guided analysis templates
  • End-user authorizing tools
XP3 Presentation Builder Slide2

Customer-specific in seconds

A great presentation will always take time and effort – but now you can create one perfect presentation and quickly customize it for each of your customers

  • Update with the latest relevant data
  • Intelligent text updates to call out the most impactful insights
  • Use your PowerPoint and Excel expertise to easily fine-tune the presentation
  • Deliver actionable insights
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Quickly respond to questions on the fly

Customer-specific presentations are essential but XP3® takes it a step further. The ability to filter and group selections based on segmentation and hierarchy allows your team to:

  • Make quick comparisons between accounts, markets, periods, and products
  • Dynamically respond to business meeting questions
  • Position themselves as a go-to trusted advisor

Get even more from XP3® Presentation Builder™ with Quick Picks

XP3® Quick Picks give your users the ability to update an entire presentation or report from one dialogue box.

With just a single mouse click, users are able to:

  • Link reports together and create multiple report iterations
  • Build customized reports by category, segment, brand, item, retailer, banner and more.
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