Access to the right data is critical to analyzing data and creating effective and compelling category management presentations and reports. One of the underlying goals of XP3® BI Cloud is to keep the data acquisition and delivery process simple for its users. 

Organizations that integrate different data sources, incorporate granular data and create adaptive data views can uncover truly unique insights that sets you apart to your retail customers. 

XP3 Data Workshop Tool
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XP3® Data Workshop™

XP3® Data Workshop™ allows users to load and manage custom data views for a variety of reporting needs:

  • Design Segmentation and Hierarchy: Import, create, and modify segmentation and hierarchy information
  • Flexible Data Sourcing: Select and drill-down items based on hierarchy or segmentation; search for items on any dimension
  • Define Aggregation Rules: Define aggregation rules for each measure and roll-up data during the import process

XP3® Dimensional Data Loader (comes bundled with XP3® Data Workshop™)

XP3 Dimensional Data Loader makes it easy for users to load, transform, and aggregate data from virtually any format without pre-processing or cleansing. Processes can be fully automated and are flexible enough to adapt to changes in the data format without reconfiguration.

  • Easy to Use: Complex load processes can be de-signed using visual wizard steps without writing code
  • Unlimited Flexibility: Import from columns, rows, cells, table header, table worksheet names, or any combination thereof
  • Automated Import: Configurations can be saved & re-used. Load processes can be scheduled to run silently on the client or server side
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XP3® Data Integrator™

XP3® Data Integrator™ Tool works in conjunction with XP3® Data Workshop™ to provide the mapping, integration and roll ups required for displaying data at various product hierarchy levels.

  • Flexible Data Integration: Build and maintain libraries to integrate multiple data sources
  • Automatic Matching: Match group of items quickly using advanced pattern matching (Fuzzy Logic) algorithm
  • Aggregation and Automatic Roll-ups: Multiple items such as promotional items can be automatically rolled up into one item for all data providers

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