High Performance Automated Category Review Templates

Designed for Lean Teams with Lean Budgets

Most organizations struggle with finding enough time to create dynamic, data driven category review presentations for their sales teams. The process of creating presentations across hundreds of retailers, and keeping the data current, is time consuming and tedious.  And it keeps business analysts and your sales team from spending time on more productive and meaningful tasks.

Our best practice category review templates have been curated over many years’ experience with the leading consumer package goods manufacturers and enable you to quickly create a compelling selling story customized at the retailer level for your entire sales team.

Our automation process will eliminate the hundreds of hours each month wrangling the data, making sure that charts, text, footers, and fonts are all consistent and then having  to customize the presentation for different accounts, time periods and categories. XP3 XPress templates will save your team a huge amount of time and empower them to move on to more analytical, insightful tasks.

Getting started with customizable best practice category review templates is easy

Customizable templates may sound like an oxymoron but Interactive Edge makes it easy with flexible best practice category review templates. Simply provide us with the data (SPINS, Nielsen or IRI, syndicated and panel) and quickly launch customizable, retailer specific persuasive selling stories that are accessed by your organization in the cloud.  No need to install any software; no need to learn new programs.  We provide a professional service team and a hosted cloud solution which together, makes your life a whole lot easier.

Getting started is simple – Interactive Edge will guide you through XP3 XPress, our new offering of best practice category review templates. You create your own narrative by selecting the content, level of granularity and design for the presentation from our template collections. The XP3 XPress data grid will enable you to quickly determine your data spec.   Provide us with the data and you will have a best practices category review on XP3 BI Cloud, our secure Azure environment, within two weeks.  Your end users will be able to access the presentation and using a very simple interface, select their retailer, time period, etc.  Within minutes a customized PowerPoint presentation is generated with retailer logos, intelligent text and a professional design reflecting your organization.

Database updates are also managed very easily. Simply upload the data to our secure site and we process and update your database on XP3 BI Cloud.  Updates can be scheduled for every week, four weeks or quarterly.  These databases will be updated within a few hours after they are uploaded.

Step 1

Review our collection of customizable best practice category review templates and create your own narrative.

Step 2

Provide us with your data (SPINS, Nielsen or IRI syndicated and panel) using the XP3 XPress data grid.

Step 3

Launch an automated, retailer specific, cloud based category review solution in two weeks. 

Step 4

Login for all category reviews with the latest data. Our Teams feature can control access ensuring that each end user can only view what they are assigned.

Step 5

Customize your Category Review using QuickPicks drop-downs to select the retailer and/or time period.

Step 6

Download the finished PowerPoint presentations with all text, charts, and images preserved. End users can make further text edits or change charts in Excel.

Why XP3 XPress?

  • 30+ curated, flexible templates
  • Customized landing page and PowerPoint slide master
  • Database updates weekly, every 4 weeks or quarterly 
  • 10 XP3 BI Cloud Viewer licenses
  • Best in class customer support
  • Data driven PowerPoint – anytime, anywhere

The XP3 XPress Pricing Plan

Our solution is a SAAS model. No annual commitment. No setup costs. And we include time for customizations so that you can truly make your category reviews your own. Our pricing is simple – start with your first category and add additional categories as needed. Pricing for content, data base updates, 10 BI Cloud Viewer licenses and hosting starts at $2800/month.

Interested in learning more about XP3 XPress?