XP3 enables organizations to bring critical Shopper data into the same platform with their core Category Management analytics, giving Category managers, Shopper Marketing experts, and Brand Researchers a collaborative environment to share and deliver insights from multiple perspectives.


Customizable to every account

With XP3, Shopper Insights can be drilled down to the account level quickly and in sync with core category and competitive tracking analytics that are based on scanner and POS sales and trends.

Integrated business view

Shopper insights from Nielsen and IRI Panel and Retailer Loyalty data sources should be presented in conjunction with Retailer POS and Nielsen and IRI Scanner sales trends, not separately. Utilize XP3 to blend those data sets together for richer insights.

Shareable across the organization and beyond

With XP3 Quick Picks, you can easily toggle your Shopper Insights presentation to a specific account or market. Anyone can view the latest, custom content that has access to XP3 BI Cloud.

Effectively integrating Shopper and Consumer Insights into sales initiatives is a challenge many organizations struggle with. XP3 ability to combine disparate data sources allows for higher level insights to be generated and presented on a recurring basis, giving you greater credibility and positioning as a trusted advisor with Retail Customers


Moving with the industry

Companies that leverage shopper insights as a competitive advantage are seeing bigger gains in sales, brand loyalty, and ROI. These market leaders have adapted to a new shopper centric paradigm, allocating more resources and aligning their sales and marketing teams around core initiatives developed from thorough shopper and consumer research.

Interactive Edge has adapted too; XP3 offers the ability to easily analyze increasingly granular and complex shopper data by key cohort such as:

  • Shopper Segment
  • Shopping Occasion
  • Demographic Group
  • Buyer Group
  • Behavioral Profile

Quick & combined

Using our customized interface, XP3 Quick Picks:

  • Make simple top-line presentation selections from a simple to use dialogue box
  • Easily map one data source to another
  • Combine and integrate all your key data sources (e.g. Syndicated Scan, Retailer POS, Household Panel, Loyalty Card, and others)