XP3 allows your sales team to receive Sales Analytics and Presentations faster than ever before. Sales professionals are held accountable for improving customer interaction and experience. They need to be focused on the right customers at the right time as well as have the power to identify sales opportunities quickly and efficiently. Giving your sales organization the ability to customize and update best practice presentations can save them time and add value to the analyses to be shared throughout your entire organization.

XP3 offers salespeople access to critical data insights. By sharing access to XP3 BI Cloud with the sales team, immediate actions can be taken to:

  • Leverage opportunities
  • Minimize threats
  • Prevent weaknesses from overwhelming the organization.
  • Add value to More Customers
  • Educate Buyers and Field Teams
  • Minimize Competitive Threats

    Share the wealth

    Given the nature of most sales organizations, teams are focused on a single account with little opportunity for cross pollination of ideas from other sales people and few chances to learn from each other.

    With XP3 BI Cloud, individual slides, analyses, or other helpful hints can immediately be standardized and used in subsequent presentations to be delivered by other salespeople within the same company


    Focused & effective

    XP3 Presentation Viewer is designed for field personnel to:

    • View and customize XP3-generated presentations
    • Enjoy turn-key analysis of complex data
    • Have the ability to customize, but not author, XP3 charts, graphs and tables
    • Get the most value from the presentations authored at headquarters.

    Key Benefits

    XP3 BI Cloud for Sales Teams enables them to:

    • Customize and refresh data to an entire PowerPoint presentation
    • Download as a normal PowerPoint file from XP3 BI Cloud