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Our Core Products

Streamline your business and save time with XP3®

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With XP3® BI Cloud™ best in class presentations are customized with retailer specific data, ready to download or present via the web in seconds

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A great presentation will always take time and effort – but now you can create one perfect presentation and quickly customize it for each of your customers

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Easily analyze and uncover opportunities through the ability to connect, display and navigate your data with an enriched version of Microsoft Excel

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Organizations that integrate different sources, incorporate granular data and create adaptive data views can uncover better business insights for themselves and their customers

What our clients say

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Jack Link's

Burt Boudreaux, Category Leadership

"As a company we are more aligned across category management functions and can more efficiently deploy resources, recapturing approximately 80% of personnel time to focus on insights versus tactics."

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Interactive Edge answered Nestle Purina’s call with their XP3 solution. Automated insights allowed the team to reduce workload by 80%.



Susan Selliken, Director Business Insights

XP3 has enabled Acosta to achieve greater efficiency and consistency by taking a single standard presentation and automatically replicating it across retailers..."

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