• Creating a PowerPoint presentation demanded the use of Excel – no way to get data delivered directly into PowerPoint easily
  • PowerPoint presentations were static, difficult to maintain and iterate.

For a single retailer and a single time period analysts had to:

  1. Download data
  2. Bring into Excel
  3. Analyze data to determine what to showcase
  4. Build charts in Excel and copy/paste in PowerPoint or build charts in PowerPoint and copy/paste static data


  • Using XP3, Acosta saved 85 days or 680 man hours of labor
  • With the time saved, the team was able to dedicate more time to analyze results within each retailer and generate more impactful recommendations
  • XP3 enabled Acosta to position itself as the premier consultative business partner and trusted advisor as opposed to just another sales and marketing firm. 

"XP3 has enabled Acosta to achieve greater efficiency and consistency by taking a single standard presentation and automatically replicating it across retailers. The results in far less time being spent refreshing data pulls and copying information into presentations and more time being spent focusing on insights and actionable recommendations. XP3 allows us to present our insights and recommendations to the retailer in a meaningfully enhanced, customized (yet still on brand!) presentation."