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Jack Link’s Category Management team is lean

4 Cat Man & 4 BI team members covering Total US X AOC + C x Wal-Mart


  • Employees struggled to collect data form multiple Excel files
  • Each region needed to put in hours of work in order to create a proper presentation


  • XP3® shifted the focus from different data sources to one common platform
  • Reduced re-work and generated efficiencies as base presentation slides are now pre-built
  • With XP3 data updates can now be generated in 19 minutes for all 17 regions rather than several hours

Senior Management Deliverables

Jack Links’ provides Executive Committee specific KPI reporting in presentation ready format

  1. XP3 provides internal KPI reporting to Marketing team with category-based outputs based on facts and not built to fit a narrative.
  2. Parameters are predefined prior to building template with all parties are aligned, allowing for consistent dialog across the organization.

Pre-generated PowerPoint templates distributed to the field sales team with a consistent message, based on the facts, to help them have a better understanding of their business and sell the category.

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"As a company we are more aligned across category management functions and can more efficiently deploy resources, recapturing approximately 80% of personnel time to focus on insights versus tactics."