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  • An inefficient insights process caused too much time to be spent gathering insights, and little time to be strategic

Key Result

  • Automated insights allowed the team to reduce workload by 80%

Growing the pet-care category with automated insights

In the world of FMCG, industry leaders are separated by their ability to quickly and efficiently understand their categories and the consumers in them. To do that, many companies rely on data visualization to produce category reports so that trends, insights and actionable recommendations can be easily communicated to stakeholders. While this seems like a simple task, Nestlé Purina understood that this was not always so simple to execute.

Cumbersome processes hinder productivity

Nestlé Purina, a leading global pet care company, prides itself on their ability to understand what their consumers want. However, creating insightful category review presentations for their retail partners involved a time consuming process: typically the insights team would spend days gathering data, formatting it across multiple sources and then create a presentation. As a result, there was little time to truly analyze the data and deliver more strategic insights on category performance. Nestlé Purina sought a partner to help them create a much more efficient process for creating insightful presentations.

Automated insights for efficiency

Interactive Edge answered Nestle Purina’s call with their XP3 solution. As a Nielsen Connected Partner, Interactive Edge automated the downloading of Nielsen point of sale data (known as RMS): Interactive Edge then used their XP3 platform to harmonize data from multiple sources and match the UPCs with Nielsen data providing the truest, real-time insights for Nestlé Purina. Once the data was harmonized, a click of a button let the Nestlé Purina team update their category review and category snapshot presentations in dynamic PowerPoint.

80% reduction in workload

What once took the Nestlé Purina team days now takes only hours. With XP3 from Interactive Edge the category management and shopper insights teams estimates they reduced their team’s workload by 80%. Through automating the loading, integration and display of data, the Nestlé Purina team can invest significantly more time in the development of insights and tactical/strategic recommendations, ensuring that the category continues to grow.