XP3 provides an easy-to-use, Microsoft Office integrated interface for category management, shopper marketing, sales and data analysts to analyze and present multidimensional data in a format that everyone can share and understand.


XP3 Presentation Builder

  • A powerful presentation and analysis tool integrated within Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Access internal and external data, guided analysis templates and authoring tools
  • Intelligent text and presentation generation
  • One-click and automatic, scheduled update

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XP3 Report Builder

  • An interactive data mining tool integrated within Microsoft Excel
  • Flexibly explore trends and perform what-if analysis
  • One-click and automatic, scheduled update

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XP3 Data Tools

  • Allows business users to load, integrate and manage custom data view
  • Utilizes hierarchy and segmentation to accurately reflect different facets of data

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XP3 Quick Picks

  • A customized interface allowing users to make top-line data and presentation selections
  • Analysts at headquarters set parameters to ensure best practice presentations
  • Sales teams in the field have the flexibility to customize presentations to their locations and customers

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The Interactive Edge implementation team works closely with the customer’s team to ensure that XP3 delivers the business benefits on time and on budget.



XP3’s flexible, dynamic design allows it to be implemented as a:

  • Stand-alone solution
  • Centralized solution
  • Automated solution
  • Direct connection to existing Microsoft Analysis
  • Services cubes

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Simplify the integration and management of multiple data sources using XP3 Data Tools.

Sources include, but are not limited to:

  • Syndicated
  • Panel
  • POS
  • Shopper and loyalty
  • Promotion and Shelf Tracking
  • Surveys and Custom Research
  • Shipment and Financial

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  • Training for Business Users and the IT group to
    maximize benefits and ROI from the XP3 Suite
  • Successfully run and maintain the solution
    independently of Interactive Edge

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