For Information Technology Professionals and IT Teams, success relies on the ability to manage and maintain core business processes while adapting to your organization’s evolving technological demands and capabilities.

With years of expertise, Interactive Edge has built XP3 with the IT Professional in mind. We know that maintaining the combination of data access, end-user authoring tools and best practices is an important part of the IT Team’s success.


XP3 has the power to automatically take care of the following for your IT Team:

  • Accurately assess business trends to leverage future or current opportunities
  • Assigning product and time period attributes based on the internal structure in the organization’s global reporting system
  • Creating integrated data sources by aligning products and time periods


By providing real-time performance analysis of a specific channel, region, or even account, your team will be able to:

  • Accurately assess business trends to leverage future or current opportunities
  • Identify modifications or mid-course corrective actions as they emerge to decrease declines and improve program performance
  • Integrate executive level best practices across the entire organization, or lessons learned for customer-facing personnel
  • Update sales or manufacturing information and distribute quickly to those that need it
  • Improve communication and information sharing between headquarters and remote sales people, brand and marketing teams or others with customer responsibilities
  • Provide senior management with the business insights required to make informed decisions based on real-time information


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