It is more important than ever for retailers to produce timely reporting, comprehensive category reviews, as well as valuable loyalty and customer insights that help to improve assortments, pricing and merchandising strategies.

With XP3, you can easily create customized, data-driven reports that can be distributed across your entire retail operation. It gives you the tools that enable you to spend more of your time generating actionable insights and less time struggling with data.


XP3 is built in the familiar Microsoft Office environment but offers remarkably expanded functionality. Our easy-to-use interface allows you to:

  • Perform advanced filtering to display only the most relevant data
  • Update entire reports in one-click

With XP3, you can create assortments that track your best selling items and identify products that are highly sought after by your most important customers, allowing you to proactively implement product-mix strategies that protect and grow your business. Presentations are delivered in PowerPoint but continue to be dynamic so finding the answers to your business questions is fast and easy.


You can now develop strategic insights that help you make informed decisions supported by data when they matter most.

How? XP3 lets you integrate multiple data sources such as:

  • POS
  • Syndicated
  • Panel
  • Merchandising


As an XP3 user, you will be able to:

  • Quantify key issues and hone in on those areas for quick resolution
  • Perform simple and sound analysis
  • Save hundreds of employee hours previously required to produce manual reports.

With the improved workflow XP3 offers, you can expect to be well on your way to helping your organization realize increased sales and profits, while reducing inventory.


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