Senior Management must quickly identify business trends as they emerge. However, many companies spend a disproportionate amount of time on data acquisition and chart building/Excel® report creation versus the development of key insights and recommendations that drive sales and profitability.

With XP3, a competitive advantage is gained through your team’s ability to transform that data into useful, action-oriented information directly within the Microsoft® Office environment. The value that you will be able to derive from this data depends
directly on your team’s ability to master the “Data to Insights” transformation process.


Today huge amounts of retailer data are purchased, collected, and analyzed by your organization. XP3 will allow your team to spend less time and money on data acquisition and organization and use that time to focus on developing insights for both strategic and tactical recommendations that grow your business.

With fewer resources and higher demands of customers and shareholders, corporate management relies on you and your team to drive business results by streamlining business processes, making this more important than ever.


By providing real-time performance analysis of a specific channel, region, or even account, your team will be able to:

  • Accurately assess business trends to leverage future or current opportunities
  • Identify modifications or mid-course corrective actions as they emerge to decrease declines and improve program performance
  • Integrate executive level best practices across the entire organization, or lessons learned for customer-facing personnel
  • Update sales or manufacturing information and distribute quickly to those that need it
  • Improve communication and information sharing between headquarters and remote sales people, brand and marketing teams or others with customer responsibilities
  • Provide senior management with the business insights required to make informed decisions based on real-time information


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