DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Do you expect a major shift to remote working as a result of COVID-19? How will this affect retailing and consumer brand organizations?

Interactive Edge’s CEO, Zel Bianco comments, featured on RetailWire’s Braintrust :

Michael, I am firmly of the belief that the work day is even more productive when working remotely with everyone on my staff. We have a stand up meeting every morning and is kept to 30 minutes giving each member enough time to discuss what they are working on and any roadblocks that are getting in the way. If there is a need to drill down further, we use Microsoft Teams to discuss further. It has been quite productive and the days have actually been going by faster than when we were all in the office, much to my surprise. The CPG industry has had many people working remotely for many years. What we are all going through will only make it more prevalent.

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