DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: How does the payout of large financial bonuses to top executives at struggling and bankrupt retailers affect the morale and performance of employees within those organizations? Do you think corporate America, specifically the retail industry, needs to rethink how employees from the frontline to the c-suite are compensated for their work?

Interactive Edge’s CEO, Zel Bianco comments, featured on RetailWire’s Braintrust :

It’s one of the most tone deaf moves they could be making at this time. It follows the completely horrendous situation that small neighborhood businesses are in. Many of them are destroyed, which will lead to many more problems with families who have built their dream and put all they had into these businesses. The reality is that the government funds that were supposed to bail them out ended up going to major chains, lobbyists and private equity! Workers at Macy’s, J.C. Penney and Neiman Marcus should move to a retailer that is fair to their workers.

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