Is an increase in micro visits for customers using Amazon lockers a phenomenon that Amazon/Whole Foods will benefit from? Should other companies consider Amazon locker partnerships to encourage similar visits? Is Amazon overdoing the encouragement of non-grocery-related services at Whole Foods?

Interactive Edge’s CEO, Zel Bianco comments:
It comes down to the size of the package. Generally speaking, the lockers are pretty small so that bodes well for picking up a few other items while there. What happens when it is a larger item, and one that does not fit in the locker? Will Amazon/Whole Foods allow you to pick up these larger items which will need to be stored outside the locker and risk having the store look messy? I see a huge difference in store layout and shopability when shopping at a Whole Foods in the city versus one in the suburbs.

The challenge will be, how big is the box?

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Are Amazon lockers turning Whole Foods into a quick shop destination?