Are grocers underplaying the plant-based foods trend in their assortments? Will buyers eventually catch up or are they facing challenges incorporating diverse selections of meat and dairy substitutes into their mix to appeal to flexitarians?

Interactive Edge’s CEO, Zel Bianco comments:
Grocers should not underestimate this trend. I’ve just returned from the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore and was amazed at the variety of products and categories that offer plant-based options. Everything from cookies to energy bars to pizza and beyond. Some that were not to my liking, but most were absolutely delicious and changed my mind and opened my eyes to what today’s consumer has available to choose from. As to the second question, grocers who do not integrate these offerings in a serious way will risk losing the shopper who is serious about what they eat to a natural grocer and that customer may never come back to the more traditional one.

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Are grocers shortchanging flexitarians?