Do you support or oppose the proposed changes to the SNAP program made by the Trump administration? If enacted, how would you see the changes affecting grocery retailers?

Interactive Edge’s CEO, Zel Bianco comments:
Yet another well-run program that the Trump administration is trying to undermine when it does not need fixing. Can you imagine being a family that had been used to buying what they want with the limited funds they have and now having to deal with boxed meals? Hopefully the adults in the room will prevent this from being enacted, but if it is, my gut tells me that the cost to taxpayers will go up, not down, as there will have to be an entire infrastructure built around the assembly, packaging and distribution of these meals, not to mention the increase in garbage in landfills. The FMI, the GMA and all Americans that are currently enrolled in the SNAP program must get involved now to prevent this from happening.

Grocers say Trump’s SNAP plan would screw up a well run program