How will Gen Z workers be different from Millennials as they reach retail selling floors and corporate offices? What adjustments may management have to make to connect with and motivate this generation as employees?

Interactive Edge’s CEO, Zel Bianco comments:
The most critical factor will be their social skills, especially if placed on the floor to sell. That position is already one where even the most seasoned salespeople sometimes feel awkward. Imagine someone of the Gen Z generation trying to make approaching a shopper feel natural. If Gen Z is going to start to feel comfortable on the sales floor or in most other positions the social side of life, not the virtual one will become a high hurdle that must be overcome. It will not be easy, but most Gen Zers are smart and will likely rise to the challenge if indeed they are, as the article states, eager and willing to get value out of the situation, even if at first they will feel completely outside their comfort zone.

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How should retail employers prepare for Gen Z workers?