What shopping habits do you expect teens to take with them into adulthood and which ones will be left behind? What do retailers/brands such as Amazon, Sephora and Nike have in common that appeal to Gen Z teens?

Interactive Edge’s CEO, Zel Bianco comments:
Shopping habits may remain the same, as in Gen Z will always shop online as they go into adulthood, but the brands they buy will come and go. Nike, Adidas and others may be cool now but Gen Z is as fickle as they come — just ask Under Armour.

It’s no surprise that Amazon is Gen Z’s favorite site to shop. It is my favorite as well. Why? Because I can find literally every item I could ever want to find, and it gives me all of the choices I could ever want to compare, without having to go to a dozen brand sites (and being a Prime member allows me to get a decent deal). It’s as simple as that. The online shopping experience — read “easy” — is what makes Sephora, Nike and Amazon appeal to Gen Z teens and much older teens like me.

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No site comes close to Amazon for Gen Z