Is it a common flaw for retailers to define themselves based on what they sell rather than the solutions they offer? With today’s pace of change, has retail become more about evolving to address customers’ changing needs? Do any retailers stand out to you for the way they’ve redefined themselves over the years?

Interactive Edge’s CEO, Zel Bianco comments:
This is a question that many consultants are still using in many speaking engagements at many conferences. “Disney is not in theme park business, but in the experience business,” and so on. While it is certainly important to focus on what you provide to your customers or guests, changing the “what you do” from “what you sell” or the industry you are in is useless unless it is truly socialized and adopted by everyone in the organization that services the customer.

I recently changed my LinkedIn profile from describing the software we sell to, “Helping CPG companies use all of their data sources more efficiently and effectively to increase sales at retail.” Unless this is put into practice by everyone in my organization, it is just marketing speak.

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The question for today’s retailers: What business are you in?