Will Instacart and Shipt be able to hold their own — perhaps even gain ground — against Amazon? Are you more bullish on one company’s prospects versus the other in near- and long-term?

Interactive Edge’s CEO, Zel Bianco comments:
First, I hope both are able to compete with Amazon as we need to balance the power that they have, if that is even possible. A $200 million cash infusion for Instacart is a lot of money but compared to the bank that is Amazon, not so much. The fact that Instacart has been able to build a relationship with some of the top grocers in North America is a big step in protecting their turf and in building even more of a footprint from there. I have to believe that in the case of Shipt and their parent, Target, they will have their own channel so to speak and will allow Target to stay in the game although I suspect they are and will continue to broaden their universe outside of Target in order to compete with both Instacart and Amazon. I worry that obesity in America will increase with all this free shipping though.

Will Instacart and Shipt give Amazon a run for its money?