If you are a manager, one of your main goals is to ensure that everybody working for you is as productive as possible. However, there will be times when you notice once star employees turning in lower-quality work, showing up late for the day and generally displaying a lack of interest in what they are doing. This is the result of burnout.

While you might think the problem is with the employees themselves, which is sometimes the case, there is another possibility: there is an issue with the job itself. Many times, burnout is the result of employees being overworked and under-appreciated for what they do accomplish. A lot of the time workers end up with more on their plate than they can handle throughout the day.

On the flip side of this, however, is the issue when employees actually are not stimulated enough in their work environment. If workers are bored and not challenged by what they do on any level, then it will turn into frustration and eventually burnout. Others experience this sensation when they are afraid of losing their jobs and insecure about the work they are producing, or are even unclear on what is expected from them.

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