If you're in the retail industry, you can handle the truth. In fact, you must.

Success depends on having a clear view of how your business is operating at all times, from all angles. But not all retailers are taking advantage of the information available to them. In fact, last year an article on Ad Exchanger suggested that there is a significant amount of "underleveraged data." For instance, retailers might not have a concrete answer for how much online marketing is affecting in-person sales. 

Even the data that is being collected is often siloed. A Deloitte Consulting survey found that many retailers still separate their e-commerce and in-store channels, which makes it difficult to take the available data and draw conclusions about overall customer behavior

In a competitive industry, brick-and-mortar retailers recognize the important of reducing the friction between the time in which a consumer decides they want an item and the moment when they actually buy it. In a recent article, we explained that businesses need to collect and analyze large amounts of data to launch the targeted marketing necessary to make this possible.

It's important to create one version of the truth, and not let information that is already available lie fallow. Interactive Edge offers a number of creative ways to get the most out of your data and meet the many challenges that your business will face as it grows. Check out the rest of our website to learn more about the services we offer to our clients.