Today's modern workplace can be incredibly busy, with more competing demands being placed on employees' time than ever before. 

But "busy" does not always mean "productive." It is absolutely possible for an office full of workers to be significantly backlogged with work yet unable to complete their tasks on time. Sometimes, the busier employees are, the most distracted they are, which makes it difficult for them to be productive.

If managers can find ways to save their employees time, they can help them stay focused and productive. The key is to invest in the proper tools and technology that can save time on some of the most difficult and monotonous tasks that workers deal with on a daily basis.

Tips for Boosting Employee Productivity

There are a few basic changes managers can make when implementing new productivity technology.

  • Don't let employees work long hours needlessly. Long hours at the office, as well as additional work off the clock, may seem like a sign of hard working employees. In reality, however, this may be having a detrimental effect on productivity. As we wrote in a recent blog post, recent research shows a connection between long hours and poor employee health.
  • Allow for downtime. Even when employees are at the office, no one can be working constantly. It's important for workers to be able to take short breaks throughout the day so they have some time to recharge and refocus on their next tasks. Tools that allow them to be more efficient will free up this time.
  • Cut down on unnecessary meetings. Meetings are a useful way to make sure that everyone in the company is on the same page regarding a particular project. They can also be complete wastes of time. Many employees have at least one story of being stuck in a meeting that accomplished nothing and only kept them away from more important tasks. The key to improvement here isn't to stop holding meetings altogether, but rather to make them more focused on actionable insights based on data.

Putting a greater emphasis on efficiency and time management will help employees perform better while lowering the risk of burnout.

If you are looking for ways to be more productive with data, contacting Interactive Edge is a great first step! Take a look at the rest of our website to learn more about the services we offer to our clients, which will give you more time to focus on your most important business objectives.