Even with the increased popularity of Google Drive over the last few years — as well as other productivity apps that are available — Microsoft Office still remains the undisputed gold standard in the corporate world. Microsoft Office will allow any user to build a strong professional foundation through the use of Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Outlook.

According to a recent article from Business Insider, 1.2 billion people actively use Microsoft Office each day. So, if you have a job that requires you to collaborate frequently with other people in your office, nothing is easier to use than Microsoft Office. Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations can be easily shared internally through email or publicly on social media. This flexibility cuts down on the frustration many people feel when using unfamiliar technology.

Collaborators can edit pieces in real time with all of the changes reflected as they are made. These files can be open to multiple people to adjust as they see fit, which makes working together an easier process, as opposed to files being edited by only one person at a time.

For data management and insights there is nothing more universally used and understood than Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. The one major struggle is that Presentations and Reports can be tedious to update and adjust with new data or for a different product, but this is easily fixed with software like XP3 which allows for one-click refresh of data from multiple sources and simple customization for more localized and relevant insights. Take a look at Interactive Edge's website or request a demo for more information on what we do and how we can make Microsoft Office even more powerful while keeping it easy to use.