We know that consumers prefer brands that they view as authentic. In other words, they're looking for companies that treat customers with respect and deliver on their promises. A recent report by Cohn & Wolfe titled "Authentic 100" found that Apple, Google, Amazon and Disney are seen as some of the most authentic corporations in the world.

"They have in common an ability to talk to consumers in a genuine, honest and meaningful way, but most importantly one that reflects a real consumer experience," Andrew Escott, global corporate practice leader at Cohn & Wolfe, told Marketing Daily. "The age of spin is dead and the brands that rate high today know that and act accordingly."

So, how can other retailers position themselves as more authentic in the eyes of consumers? The answer is more communication and outreach. While few retailers have the same reach as members of the Authentic 100, they can still seek out new methods of starting conversations between themselves and their customers.

"How can retailers position themselves as more authentic in the eyes of consumers?"

Popular social media networks may be here to help. For years, companies have used websites like Facebook and Twitter to speak directly to those who choose to follow them. Facebook is now offering its partners something a little extra. According to Tech Crunch, Facebook plans to update its Messenger app to include chatbots, which it will then make available to retailers. The first step in what appears to be an artificial intelligence program, these bots will be programmed to hold basic conversations with users. For instance, the news source noted that one of Facebook's original partners in this venture, 1-800-FLOWERS, will allow customers to place orders through the chatbots.

This is just one of many ways that businesses can reach out to customers. By making themselves available in this manner, retailers have an opportunity to collect impactful data that can be used to further improve customer relations. Interactive Edge offers a number of creative ways to get the most out of your data. Check out the rest of our website to learn more about the services we offer to our clients.