LAS VEGAS (May 17, 2017) – Interactive Edge, a leading provider of data analysis and reporting solutions for the consumer goods and related industries, is co-presenting an educational session during the Category Management Association Annual Conference today at Cesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. David Dickerson, Senior Category Management Team Lead, Mars, Inc., and Zel Bianco, President/CEO of Interactive Edge, will share the stage for “Accelerating Category Growth with New Items: Addressing the Fundamentals to Increase Success” as part of the event’s IP Presentations track.

Each year more than 10,000 new items hit retailers’ shelves and as many as 80% fail to live up to expectations. When launching a new product, retailers need to understand how to increase category sales by identifying items that drive growth. They also need to accurately determine which items to remove, replace and optimize to improve shelf productivity. The Mars – Interactive Edge presentation shows how companies can increase their chances of success by creating a plan for effective and actionable engagement.

“Driving category growth with our customers is paramount. Doing so efficiently, effectively and mutually is key to our success. The Interactive Edge XP3 platform allows us to provide relevant, timely and actionable business insights in a customizable and consistent format that can be leveraged across the organization,” said Mars’ Dickerson. “The partnership and level of support by the team at Interactive Edge is truly best in class. Not only do they provide a complete onboarding of the XP3 software within the organization, but they are readily available to provide a unique, consultative perspective on how to get the most out of the application and, ultimately, drive category growth with our customers.”

Interactive Edge’s Bianco add; “Technology like our XP3 Suite allows CPG companies to more effectively deliver insights that lead to better collaboration with their retail partners, which in turn helps them better engage their ultimate customer – the shopper. This session combines a review of the current status of product introduction processes with a Mars case study on how they have dramatically improved the way they go to market with new items by incorporating the latest data analytics technology.”