About 1.2 billion people use Microsoft Office for work and social activities. It's projected that monthly active members of the Office 365 suite grew to 60 million in the past month alone. With more than 669,000 apps for phones, desktops and tablets in the Windows Store, Microsoft creates with the user in mind. 

With countless upgrades and updates, Microsoft remains universal and easy to use. If employers don't have Microsoft downloaded, its online office is also available for seamless use. This form of the suite can be accessed on both Windows and iOS systems including Word, Excel, OneNote, and PowerPoint plus Sway, a new take on the standard presentation creator. 

A minimalist feel accompanies most of the Microsoft capabilities, enabling users to navigate its many uses with ease. Office environments are run on strict deadlines and are sprints with a range of needs at any given time. Collaboration is key. Employees must be able to work with one another with ease, accomplish tasks, speak with clients or lead meetings seamlessly. 

Many components of the Microsoft Suite allow employees to work together in this manner. Word, Excel and PowerPoint can be shared easily through email, with collaborators capable of editing in real-time.

Microsoft can be used for a range of needs including document creation, spreadsheet information tracking, presentations, synced notes and interactive or live elements.

Many office teams collaborate on presentations, which are then shared with the rest of the employees. Using fully integrated Microsoft software from Interactive Edge's XP3 Presentation Builder, teams are able to access data, create guided template analysis and keep information organized within a familiar template. With Interactive Edge, employees can access and develop information that is easy to understand, eliminating wasted productivity and ensuring collaboration is kept at the forefront.

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