Mistakes: We've all made them. But some mistakes can be more costly than others, especially those made at work. If not caught, a single error at the wrong time has the potential to cost a company millions of dollars.

Employees are well aware of how high the stakes can be. For proof, look no further than the hundreds of articles, blog posts and even books explaining to people how they can be less error-prone at work. Some of this advice is good. Employees should take their time and give the task in front of them their full attention. They should schedule enough time to carefully check their work before submitting it. And yet, sometimes all of this is for naught. There are some situations where employees have little control over their ability to avoid mistakes.

It's important for managers to understand the structural factors that may be putting unsustainable amounts of stress on their workers thereby increasing the chance that work performance will suffer. Today's modern workplaces are certainly getting busier, and many employees are feeling more pressure to work longer hours. Over time, this raises their stress levels, makes them less productive and increases the chance that they make costly errors. 

Managers face an important question. It's not just employees who have to figure out how to slow down and ensure they are doing quality work. Managers must help them have more efficient workdays.

It's important to invest in the proper tools and technology necessary to help employees focus. This is particularly true when using data in the workplace. While the rise of Big Data has created many new opportunities for a whole host of industries, the demand of working with data on a daily basis can be overwhelming.

Interactive Edge offers a number of creative ways to get the most out of your data. Data analysts in particular have come to trust our service, which contains innovative programming that allows workers to focus on the actual information they are collecting, rather than the process around it. Interactive Edge has been shown to cut the amount of time wasted in the workplace, leading to less stress, better results and, most importantly, fewer errors.

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