Is the new Choice Market concept in line with the needs of today’s consumers or a too far ahead of its time to take hold? What features of the concept do you think will become commonplace within the convenience channel in the years ahead?

Interactive Edge’s CEO, Zel Bianco comments:
Paying via app is here to stay and will be a positive aspect of this chain as well as c-stores more broadly. I visited an Amazon Go in Chicago yesterday and was very pleased with the selection, assortment and experience overall. This is not going away folks. Accommodating electric cars, and scooters is also a trend that will continue to increase and must be planned for especially in congested cities like New York, Chicago and DC to name just a few. As was pointed out, Electric cars take significantly longer to charge than filling your tank with gas and therefore the real estate that the c-store sits on becomes an important consideration. With cars being charged, cars being fueled, scooters being charged, bikes being pulled out and so on, unless these things are planned it will be chaotic and even dangerous. Kudos to the small chain for being an innovator. I hope they succeed in a big way.

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New c-store concept is high-tech inside and out