In a recent article on Retailwire, there was heavy discussion on whether advertisers should stop sponsoring the NFL. With NFL players being closely examined these days due to some incidents of domestic abuse being reported, more and more advertisers seem to be wary of whether they should continue to support these teams.

“For those companies that do nothing, women should absolutely show their displeasure by switching to brands that do not support the NFL until they get their act together. The NFL has become too big and powerful, and needs to be humbled before more of these disgusting acts of violence take place” said Zel Bianco.

While many expressed their concerns about the incidents that have been arising, most agreed that it is highly unlikely that advertisers would cede their sponsorship because of these issues. It is hard to determine what’s best practice in a situation such as this, but I’m sure each advertiser would strictly focus on how their representation of the NFL would affect their brand image.

There are, of course, many factors to consider in making a decision whether to sack the NFL or not. What would you do?

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