These days, it’s nearly impossible to walk out on the streets, even for a few minutes, without seeing a passerby talking or fidgeting on their mobile. Or maybe you’re guilty of being “one of these people” yourself.

This emerging trend has led many to believe that desktops are dead, but this Retailwire article proves otherwise.

Zel Bianco, CEO of Interactive Edge, commented:

“The number one reason for this is that a desktop or laptop responds appropriately when navigating through your selections and requests. When using a tablet or at least the iPad, it can be rather frustrating to do even simple things. Perhaps it is not the device and the issue lies with the site, but whatever the case, when I want to have an easier experience online, whether ordering from Amazon or buying tickets, give me my desktop or laptop any day. Not to say the tablet or smartphone experience will not improve. It will and must.”

What are your online shopping habits?

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