Have you noticed the decline in socialization in American culture? A recent article from Retailwire confirmed the fact that it is now more common for Americans to be having meals alone.

According to research conducted by the NPD Group:

  • 60% of Americans eat breakfast alone
  • 55% eat lunch alone
  • 32% eat dinner alone
  • So while there still seems to be a relatively strong practice of people making time to eat dinner with their families and friends, solo eating is now the norm for breakfast and lunch.

    Zel Bianco commented:

    “I think that most CPG companies have recognized this trend, and although many are not quite in front of it, they are being addressed to some extent, especially in the breakfast and lunch meal occasions. Single-serve items will continue to grow across many categories as well as packaging that will include multiple single-serve portions for the more value conscious.” Read more here.

    What are your eating habits like?

    To read the full article, visit http://www.retailwire.com/discussion/17699/america-eats-alone

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