The growing popularity of off-price stores such as TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack seems to have enticed another major retailer to join the game: Macy’s. Last Tuesday, the department store giant announced that it was looking into creating a chain to compete with these outlets.

“Macy’s has, for many years, had a reputation as a nicer middle-class department store where people can find nice products in a fairly wide range of prices, while Nordstrom and Saks both were generally considered so high-end that they were losing out on a huge group of shoppers. It made sense for them to create off-price chains but I don’t see it working out as well for Macy’s. They might pick up a few more shoppers, but probably not enough to offset the price of a new chain,” commented Zel Bianco.

“As the article mentioned, Macy’s is at the forefront of omni-channel strategy. They also have an excellent loyalty program and sales strategy. I hope they continue to focus on the customer experience and move forward with what has been working, instead of dividing up resources for an unnecessary and risky new brand.”

How do you feel about Macy’s restructuring?

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