From Home Depot to Target to Sony, cyber security was a hot topic in 2014. According to IBM, approximately 61 million records were stolen last year alone which unfortunately marks an all-time high. With hackers becoming more sophisticated with the advancement of technology, it is critical for retailers to implement the highest form of security.

IBM listed a number of recommendations to retailers to minimize these cyber attacks, with some of which seem like common sense. Some of these points included:

  • Retailers should not use default passwords when installing POS systems
  • Protect POS systems with a firewall
  • Update antivirus programs that protect POS systems
  • Disallow remote access to the POS system

Zel Bianco, CEO and President of Interactive Edge, commented “I am shocked that ‘not using default passwords’ has to be recommended. It seems to me that retailers need to take data protection as seriously as they take data collection or as seriously as they would want their own personal data to be taken.”

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