In a recent article on Retailwire, the topic of social media was discussed in-depth. With the emerging popularity of social media, many companies have been putting great effort into these mediums with high hopes that it would pay off.

However, unfortunately, measuring its success isn’t as black and white as many hope. The survey that was conducted showed that:

  • 19% of respondents felt that there is not enough ROI so far to be a success
  • 56% felt that it is very difficult to measure ROI at this time
  • 12% felt that it’s too early to determine the success of social media in CPG

“You could not expect to run an ad once and gain awareness. You can’t expect social media to do so either. I really wish it was more immediate, but the experts tell me I am being quite unrealistic” commented Zel Bianco, CEO of Interactive Edge.

Do you feel that social media is bringing ROI to your company?

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