Let’s face it. The Super Bowl is an event that the entire nation – and increasingly the world – comes together to watch. Just as they have for the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards, viewers expect the spots to be the very best of the year. Whether they create a compelling reason to buy or not will always be debated, but the sheer size of the audience for these hyper events and the awareness they create is what will keep marketers stepping up to the plate year after year. Awareness like this endures beyond the moment the commercial runs, and may establish a link to the brand or product weeks after the Super Bowl.

These commercials are also being run online sometimes weeks before the game not to mention all the additional television time the good ones receive on the Today show, Good Morning America and the like. They are also worth it given the non-traditional audience for the game.

People who couldn’t care less about football love to watch and comment on the commercials. In fact, it drives me crazy that they talk during the game and pay attention during the commercials which is why whenever we have a Super Bowl party, I have another set on in another room for those of us who actually want to watch the game.

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