While Buy One Get One (BOGO) has been trending in retail, one retailer decided to raise their white flag in the price battle. Walmart has decided to venture off from their BOGO battle against Publix and has instead, taken a new direction – the Savings Catcher program.

The Savings Catcher program asks customers to scan or enter a receipt number using an app on their phone. From there, Walmart will match local competitor’s print ads on the same item and then sends an eGift card for the difference.

Like any other topic, there have been numerous opinions expressed both supporting as well as criticizing this new idea. Zel Bianco was one of those who was not in full support of this, commenting “Those who are active with their smartphones may be receptive to the new app, but as mentioned in the article, it would be complicated for the elderly or those who don’t have access to the technology required.”

Only time will tell the success of Walmart’s innovative program.

To read the full article, visit http://www.retailwire.com/discussion/17824/walmart-says-no-to-matching-publix-bogo-deals.