What common practices on selling floors lead associates towards hypnotic-like states? What suggestions would you add for keeping the job fresh for store associates?

Interactive Edge’s CEO, Zel Bianco comments:

I would engage store associates to learn about aspects of retail they may not even be aware of. Things like the supply chain — where does the product come from, how is it produced, etc.? Teach aspects of retail that they may not be thinking about, may not even have an interest in immediately, but may be glad they learned about as they move on to other jobs, even outside of retail. Those that happen to be more ambitious may want to learn about the assortment and how headquarters arrives at those decisions through category management analytics, assortment, pricing and so on. Yes, I realize that many associates couldn’t care less, but wouldn’t it be worth it is some of them start to love what they are learning and become leaders in retail someday, especially as the industry is changing so much? The focus has to be on how best to engage with the shopper, but expanding their understanding beyond the store floor might be a way to get them to be all around better associates while at the same time lose the look of boredom that communicates to the shopper that they would rather be anywhere else but where they are.

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