Do you approve of the decision by Whole Foods Market to end the expansion of its 365 store concept? Does the move signal a change in Amazon’s intentions about its grocery business?

Interactive Edge’s CEO, Zel Bianco comments:

I don’t think it will make a significant difference in the long term. Whether it is a false perception, or just that we do use our Prime membership at checkout — which provides additional discounts, my impression is that they have lowered prices. Would I like them to be lower? Yes, and I hope they do decide to go further across more products and categories to better compete with other well stocked stores that also carry a large selection of organic and “better for you” products and produce, such as Fairway Stores, especially their newest store in Chelsea. They should, however, continue to add 365 products in more categories. That should eliminate any gap that may be felt due to the decision to not go any further with the 365 Store concept.

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