New York, NY – New York based Interactive Edge (IE) is honored to be one of only a few technology companies, chosen as a content contributor to the Category Management Association’s (CMA) recent launch of CatMan 2.0™. CatMan 2.0™ is an innovative framework of processes, analytics, and best practices that focuses on delivering shopper business strategies through enhanced collaboration between Retailers and Manufacturers. To do this, the CMA has brought together a select group of category leadership experts from various facets of the industry, including CPG manufacturers and retailers, as well as data and technology solutions providers

Gordon Wade, Managing Partner and Director of Best Practices for the Category Management Association, expressed his excitement over the recent collaboration, “Interactive Edge has been a long time leader in the category management community. Interactive Edge’s product, XP3, integrates diverse data sources into customer facing presentations and keeps them up-to-date as new data comes in. A great time saver for our analysts.”

CatMan 2.0™ is the next evolution in Category Management process and practice.  Building on the original foundation of CatMan 1.0™, which was created more than 20 years ago on the principles of open information sharing and collaboration, CatMan 2.0™ aims to establish a roadmap for leveraging the myriad new data sources and technology platforms to drive better insight into the shopper and more efficiency in executing Category initiatives in a highly dynamic and complex retail environment.

“We are extremely excited to be involved in the development of this ambitious initiative and can’t say enough about the commitment of the CMA to delivering a roadmap that will undoubtedly enhance the Category Leadership capability of any organization that follows it,” said Zel Bianco, CEO of Interactive Edge.

Interactive Edge is a proud member of the CMA, providing guidance to its membership on how best to leverage technology to make sense of an increasingly complex shopper and retail landscape.  IE is best known for their award-winning platform XP3 which provides an easy-to-use, Microsoft Office integrated interface that streamlines the process of developing and delivering data intensive, customer facing PowerPoint and Excel documents, giving business users the ability to quickly, efficiently, and effectively leverage virtually any data to create, apply, and distribute best practice analytics across their entire customer base in just a few clicks of a mouse.

About CMA

The CMA, a Professional Association, exists to help its members drive meaningful category and brand growth by building shopper satisfaction and facilitating strategic collaboration between retailers, suppliers and solution providers.  The CMA team is dedicated to raising the bar among all participating practitioners irrespective of trade channel, level of experience or data availability.

About Interactive Edge

Interactive Edge is an industry leader in data analysis and presentation software for Consumer Goods and related industries. The award-winning XP3 platform is a set of business intelligence tools that are integrated with Microsoft Office and provide sales, category management and other business users the ability to quickly, efficiently and effectively leverage virtually any data source to create, distribute and apply best practice analytics dynamically in PowerPoint and Excel. Interactive Edge has some of the world’s largest Consumer Goods and Sales & Marketing companies as their clients including Dr. Pepper, Frito Lay, Hormel, Nestlé, Acosta, and many more.