On the Horizon

As Director of Sales Information Strategy, Mark Nichta is currently rolling out a big project to deliver category insights, updates and sales presentations to Nestlé’s field teams via Interactive Edge’s XP3 solution. In the past, custom presentations were created for major accounts, but not for all accounts. These other accounts received national-level data and then customized presentations on their own. “With the introduction of sophisticated software, we now deliver one presentation for all accounts. Sales managers need only select their account, and the customized presentations are created in moments,” says Nichta. “This adds tremendous value as the time they spent pulling and integrating the data is now used to develop insights and selling strategies.”

Vision in Action

“While many projects can be cited as major accomplishments, no breakthrough initiative can be started without first establishing credibility and trust,” explains Mark Nichta. “It is the ability to build constructive and effective relationships, and to maximize team contributions, that allows us to achieve organizational goals. Developing collaborative relationships with executives, peers, employees and vendors are requisite building blocks to success.”

Finding Inspiration

An ancient African proverb states, “To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together.” Nichta elaborates, “Balancing speed versus alignment and collaboration is challenging in large organizations, but while it may take longer, cross-functional engagement provides superior results that the entire organization can get behind.”

Next Gen Wisdom

“Be a sponge!” urges Nichta. “I can’t say it better than Stephen Covey, ‘Seek first to understand, then to be understood’. Be humble and listen, as there is much to learn! Then look for opportunities to impart your considerable knowledge, especially regarding the tools and new technologies you use regularly.”

Read the article online at Consumer Goods Technology, May 2014