A new concept for extracting fact and context data from complex nested multi-paged data sources

New York, NY (February 20, 2007) -Interactive Edge, award-winning provider of data analysis solutions, today announced the launch of its second beta program for its new data extraction and conversion product, DataDefractor, a custom SQL Server 2005 Integration Services source component designed to extract data from complex semi-structured data sources such as Excel workbooks and raw text files.

While many of todays ETL platforms include some data conversion tools, DataDefractor requires no hand coding and features a wizard-like user interface to further streamline what has traditionally been an obstacle to the successful completion of internally developed data management solutions.

DataDefractor Beta 2 features a new concept of partitioning a report into sub-pages and then drilling into these sub-pages to partition them further until a repeatable pattern of fact and context data is identified. With the help of this new feature DataDefractor can now extract data from the most complex nested multi-paged data sources – no programming required.

Among the other new features and enhancements, DataDefractor Beta 2 adds direct support for the new Microsoft Excel 2007 Open XML format as well as native support for the 64-bit editions of SSIS.

The Gartner Group recently reported that a full 50% of enterprise data management projects fail outright, commented Zel Bianco, Interactive Edge CEO. A common reason for failure is the inability to capture and manage the data needed to make valid business decisions. On closer inspection, much of this data is available only in the companys many reports, but is not accessible or analyzable in any other format without special development efforts that are costly and time consuming at best if not impossible at worst. We created DataDefractor to remove this barrier to important data and help our customers turn their data into revenue.

Pricing and Availability

The new beta version of DataDefractor is now available for download at no cost from www.datadefractor.com. The official release-to-market version of the product will be available on March 16 2007. A free fully functional 14-day trial version will be available at that time. Pricing will be based on development/production licensing with details to be released prior to the official launch date.More information is available by calling 1-800-961-9296 or e-mailing info@datadefractor.com.

About Interactive Edge

Interactive Edge LLC develops and markets data solutions designed to put the right information, in the right hands, at the right time. The companys flagship solution, the award-winning XP3 Suite, combines a powerful data analysis engine with flexible end-user tools to summarize and illustrate useful, compelling information on demand; and has proven itself highly effective as a point-of-impact solution for distributed sales and management teams. Interactive Edge is a Microsoft Certified Partner and a SAP Certified Integration Partner. The Company is the recipient of multiple Consumer Goods Technology awards, including Best in Class for Sales Force Automation & Analytics and #1 in Customer Experience, for two consecutive years.Headquartered in New York, NY, customers include Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages, OSRAM Sylvania, and many Fortune 500 consumer goods and services providers.